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Working capital from Atlantic Union Bank means Keswick Vineyards can keep up with demand for its award-winning wines.

Keswick Vineyards counts on Atlantic Union Bank for more than their commercial line of credit. The insight and advice they receive from their Union commercial banker keep everything growing.

Keswick Vineyards owners Al and Cindy Schornberg have an enviable challenge: keeping up with growing demand – not just for their award-winning wines, but for access to the gorgeous vistas and storybook settings that have made Keswick one of the area’s most popular venues for weddings and events.

To keep their business growing, they tap into their commercial line of credit from Atlantic Union Bank – as well as the strategic thinking and expertise provided by their Atlantic Union Bank banker, deK Bowen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending.

“Switching to Atlantic Union Bank gave us access to great products, great service –and a banker who takes the time to get to know every last detail of our business,” owner Al Schornberg says.

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