Jack Farley

Office Phone: 804-774-2088
Mobile/Direct Phone: 804-624-8342

Jack loves to see businesses expand and develop a great reputation in our local community. He describes the feeling of seeing his customer’s name on a truck or a building as fantastic, particularly knowing that he played a part in helping them get the resources necessary to serve their customers. His specialty is structuring financing that helps local businesses compete in the marketplace and achieve their goals.  

He feels that the best compliment is always an unsolicited referral to someone they know, particularly when it’s qualified with an introduction saying that he’s been the most helpful banker they’ve ever worked with. He never tires of hearing that and works to earn it each and every day!

Jack has been with Atlantic Union since 2014. He earned his CRC-RMA in 2011, and he’s a member of The Risk Management Association.

In his spare time, you’ll find him with his son and dogs, traveling, playing baseball, and discovering local restaurants (don’t worry – the dogs stay home for mealtime!)