Commercial Business eBanking

Simplify payments, save time
Visit a Branch to Enroll

Powerful, easy-to-use functionality puts you in control.

Manage your accounts and view transactions
Perform wire transfers, ACH and tax payments
Access Treasury Management services

Inefficiency is the enemy of well-run businesses. Inefficiency can cost you money. Comprehensive tools within Commercial Business eBanking carry the business day.

Streamline your payments with Commercial Business eBanking services. It helps you perform a wide range of services electronically and manage your cash with maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy. Commercial Business eBanking offers everything Small Business eBanking does, plus:

  • Simplify your payroll process with direct deposits to employees’ bank accounts
  • Pay vendors who can accept electronic payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Perform domestic, international and foreign exchange wire transfers
  • Review incoming receipts and outgoing payments in a real-time environment
  • Transfer funds among various types of accounts
  • Schedule one-time or recurring ACH payments and wires
  • View payment history

Additionally, you will be able to access our Treasury Management Services – Positive Pay, Account Reconciliation, Remote Deposit and Lockbox – from within Business eBanking.

Our Users Guides and Video Demos have helpful information about navigate around and using the Business eBanking platform.