Fraud Prevention

Simple steps to safeguard your business
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Business expenses are high enough. Don’t lose money to fraud.

Checks are analyzed and verified
Block and filter ACH to avoid unauthorized debits
Protect against unauthorized account activity

As technology advances, counterfeiters can make a fake check look almost exactly like the real thing. Meanwhile, unauthorized automated payments from accounts have skyrocketed as ACH transactions increase. Combine the trends, and business accounts are more vulnerable than ever. Atlantic Union can help protect you with 2 fraud-prevention services – Positive Pay and ACH Debit Block.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps combat check fraud.

  • Every time your company sends out checks, you send us a file
  • When someone requests payment for a check, Atlantic Union checks the list to make sure it’s legitimate
  • If there is a question or discrepancy, we flag it and come to you for a decision

ACH Debit Block

Debit Block protects your business against unauthorized automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions.

  • Specify which companies are authorized to make debits from your accounts
  • Block all electronic drafts, or use a filtering service to block and return any that are not authorized