Business eBanking FAQs

Get answers to your questions about Atlantic Union’s Business eBanking platform.

To make your transition as seamless as possible, please take a few minutes to read the following FAQs.

I am currently a Union Business eBanking customer. Will I need to sign up or re-enroll?
No. You will be automatically enrolled in Atlantic Union Bank’s Business eBanking platform. You'll receive personalized communications with specific instructions about how to log in.
Will my credentials to log-in change?
Company ID: You will receive a new Company ID, which will be emailed to you prior to the Critical Client Verification Period.
User ID: Most customers will continue to use their existing User ID. A few customers will be asked to change their User ID. In those cases, a separate correspondence will be sent by postal mail with details.
Password: A new password will be emailed to you prior to the Critical Client Verification Period. We strongly recommend that you change this password through the Business eBanking platform

Will I have access to my accounts?
All of your accounts and balances will be immediately available online when you log in to Atlantic Union Bank’s Business eBanking platform starting May 20. You can view, search, export and print detailed transaction history by clicking on an individual account.

Will I have access to my transaction history?
Yes. Your last 90 days of transaction history will be available.
Will my recurring transfers transfer?
No, you’ll need to re-establish all scheduled internal transfers.
Will I need to re-enroll to receive eStatements?
Yes, you'll need to re-enroll in the eStatements service starting May 20.
Will I have access my previous statements online?
Once you re-enroll, you’ll have access to your previous statements online. If you need additional statements, please contact us.

I currently use Online Bill Pay. Will my payees transfer? 
Most of your payees will transfer. However, if a payee was established with another person’s routing number and checking account number, we’ll be unable to transfer the payee. These tend to be payments to friends and family rather than to large corporations. You will need to reestablish these payments.
Will my eBills be transferred?
No, you’ll need to set up eBills along with any associated payment preferences.
Will payments I previously scheduled in Bill Pay be transferred?
With the exception of payees set up as person-to-person or account-to-account transfers, all payments scheduled up to May 16 will transfer.
Will there be any disruption to my scheduled online bill payments?
No, your scheduled online bill payments will all be made as you instructed.
Will I be able to see the bill payments history within Atlantic Union Business eBanking?
Yes, up to two years of bill payment history will be available.

Will my text and email alerts transfer?
No. You will have to set up new text and email alerts.

Will my wire transfers and ACH payments be impacted?
Your Wire and ACH templates will be transferred; however, you will need to re-establish your scheduled ACH payments and wires beginning May 20.
Will my wire instructions change?
Yes. If you are requested for wire instructions please provide the new routing number (051403164).We will also continue to accept incoming wires with the existing routing number.
Will Atlantic Union Bank's Business eBanking notify me of incoming wires?
Yes. If you signed up for alerts you will receive incoming wire notifications.

I currently use a token to approve ACH payments and wire transactions. Will my current token still work with the new system?
We have a mobile app – Atlantic Union Bank Authenticator – that you will need to download and use as a soft token for security in approving ACH and wire transactions. Soft token authentication will streamline your payments processing as it will replace your current tokens and/or wire transfer call-back verification process.

Will I be able to connect my accounts and manage my finances through QuickBooks™ or Quicken® applications via Direct Connect?
Yes, you’ll be able to connect your accounts via Direct Connect. More details are coming soon.

I currently use the Access eBank mobile app. Will I need to download a new app?
Yes, on Monday, May 20 you will need to download Atlantic Union Bank’s Business eBanking mobile app from your app store. For customers who use ACH and wires, you’ll also want to download the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator app for extra security for ACH and wire transactions.

Apr 28

Critical Client Verification Period begins. Please be sure to log in and verify your information.
ACH & Wire customers should download and activate the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator mobile app.

May 15

Critical Client Verification Period ends at 5 p.m. (ET).

May 16

AccessConnect® Online Banking will be available until 5 p.m. (ET).

May 19

Atlantic Union Bank Business eBanking and Business Mobile App will be available at 8 a.m. (ET).

Atlantic Union Bank Customer Care and Treasury Services Support will be available at 8 a.m. (ET).