Transitioning to your new Business Online Banking experience

Make sure you're ready

This may be a simple checklist. But it's also a really important one.

We're working to make the upcoming transition to your new Business Online Banking platform simple and straightforward. Please follow the steps below to make sure you're ready for the upgrades coming your way.  You can also refer to the emails we've sent recently for additional important information.

Step One

Go to, select "Business Online Banking" from the Log In dropdown. While we go through this transition, select the "Green Path" to log in.

Green Path Login

Step Two

Once you're logged in, review the following to confirm:

  • My profile details are accurate.
  • My ACH and wire templates look correct.
  • My templates are correct.
  • My statement preferences are correct.
  • My approved Users are showing up. Only users who have logged in during the past 13 months will be converted.
  • My alerts are set up the way I want.

If not, call Treasury Management Services at 877-920-6888, Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Step Three

Download the new mobile app:

Download GreenPath iPhone© App
Download GreenPath Android™ App©

Step Four

If you use ACH and/or wires, download the Symantec VIP authenticator app - then send the SYMC code to us via secure email.

Step four image

Download Symantec VIP for iPhone®

Download Symantec VIP for Android™

Step Five

Connect QuickBooks/Intuit to your new Business Online Banking platform if you'd like.

Step Six 

If you couldn't make it to one of our live webinars, feel free to watch the recording here:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my system change?

The new platform, Business Online Banking, will be available May 6th and the desktop version can be accessed by choosing the green path after selecting login/Business Online Banking at   Also, a new Atlantic Union Mobile App will be available at the same time for download and will offer all the features of the desktop.

What is a Secure Access Code (SAC)?

Upon logging on to Business Online Banking desktop, you will be prompted to choose a method to receive a secure 6-digit code for entry.  You will enter this code each time you log in to the application. 

Can I reset my own password? 

You should use your current BeB password to logon the first time and will be prompted update it before going forward. 

How often will I need to change my password?

Password changes are required every 120 days

What data is mapping over to the new system?

All account nicknames, ACH templates, Wire templates, and Recipients will map over to Business Online Banking.  In addition, your Positive Pay file mappings will also convert along with your outstanding check files.

Will there be changes to my Remote Deposit Capture service?

There are no changes to your current service, however this new application offers a new Single Sign-On enhancement where you can access Remote Deposit Capture directly through Business Online Banking.  

How much history is converting over?

There will be 6 months of account history immediately available on May 6th while statement copies will be available for 7 years. For Account Analysis statements, you will see a one-month delay of availability therefore your April account analysis statement will be mailed to your statement address on file.  Your electronic access will resume in June. 

Will I be restricted to 3 months of activity at a time?

You will be able to pull an unlimited amount of activity when pulling transactional information. 

Will my statement delivery preferences map over?

Yes, you will continue to receive your electronic statements as you do today but you will notice you will now 7 years of history.

Will we be able to retrieve combined statements?

Our current BeB platform does not offer this feature today and our new platform will not do so.   It is being reviewed as a potential enhancement.  You should continue to download your statements one account at a time. 

Are Positive Pay deadlines changing?

The deadlines for Check (1:00 pm EST) and ACH Positive Pay (3:00 pm EST) will not change.

Where do I make my decisions on Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is behind the Positive Pay Tile within the Treasury section.  When pressing that tile you will be presented with a screen to upload a check issue file, add a one-time entry, and decision your items.  Your existing Positive Pay file mappings will convert, and the service will continue to present exceptions based on Payee name, date, and serial number. 

Can I make an ACH payment without creating a recipient?

Yes, when you begin drafting your ACH transaction you can choose “New Recipient” and will have the option to save that recipient.

Will the ACH processing deadline change? 

The processing deadline for all ACH transactions in Business Online Banking is 5:00PM ET.

This is a change for Nacha file upload, from 7pm deadline to 5:00PM ET.

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Will my ACH file upload formats change?

There will be no changes to your standard NACHA files.  If you are using a custom file that you mapped in the past, the file will need to be re-mapped when you go live on May 6th.  You should not make any changes to any files before then.   

What file formats can I use to upload an ACH file?

ACH files can be uploaded in NACHA, CSV, Excel, and fixed formatted files. The system provides standard file mappings for NACHA and a 5 column CSV format; however, you can create your own custom file mapping for any of the previously listed formats.

Sample files and file specifications are available within the payments modules.

The file mapping feature provides instruction at the time of upload to easily map the file into Business Online Banking.

Will my users, their entitlements, and limits map over?

Yes, all of your active users will migrate to the new platform on May 6th.  Details about each user can be found in the User Management section.

Will I still be able to see my consumer accounts and business accounts together?

Yes, if your consumer accounts and business accounts are under your same business user ID you will continue to see and move funds between them.

Will my Quickbooks change?

Yes, there are specific steps required to make sure your accounts transfer smoothly.  Learn more.

How will my check stop payments be handled?

All existing check stop payments will migrate over with their current expiration history.  

How will I perform a stop payment on ACH?

Stop payment in the online platform is for checks only.  Please continue to go to your local branch or call Customer Care at 877.920.6888.  

What can I do between now and May 6th  to be ready?

There are 3 things you can do to prepare for your conversion:

  1. Make sure you’ve received and have available your new User ID/Password.
  2. If you process payroll or pay vendors via ACH or wire, you will need to have downloaded and enabled a soft token or are in receipt of your hard token.
  3. Keep your BeB contact information up to date as it will be the source of your Secure Access Codes when you log in the first time.  Note you can update them after your first login.

I’ve locked my password.  How can I get assistance?

You can call our Customer Care Center at 877.920.6888 to unlock your password.  You will then need to reset your password using the forgot your password link. 

How do I get assistance after May 6th?

User guides can be found in the Help section and a Secure Message feature is available to send a non-urgent message to our Customer Care electronically.   For immediate assistance, you may call Customer Care at 1.877.920.6888, Option 9 and someone will be able to assist you.

Do I need to download a new mobile app?

Yes, you will need to download a new mobile app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.  

Q2 Mobile app for 5/6 clients

Keep in Mind

All Positive Pay cutoff times remain the same.
There will be a blackout period for bill pay from the afternoon of May 2 to the morning of May 6.

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