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Personal Debit Cards

The safe and smart way to pay

Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

Using your contactless Atlantic Union Bank Visa® debit card is an easy and secure way to make payments – including the convenience of tap-to-pay technology wherever you see the contactless symbol.

In our “new normal” environment, where health and safety have evolved to new directions, your contactless debit card can also help deliver added protection. Whether you choose to shop online, pay bills, set up recurring payments, transfer funds and more. 

Your debit card allows you to securely deduct funds directly from your checking account to get things done. (Use it anywhere Visa® is accepted).

Advantages of Using Your Atlantic Union Bank Visa® Debit Card

  • Fast and easy with contactless payment options, just tap-to-pay when you see the contactless symbol at the checkout terminal
  • Conveniently spend and use at ATMs worldwide, just look for the NYCE® or Visa® logos.
  • Explore the benefits of Visa® Offers to access a wide variety of offers and deals, including food and wine, shopping, sports, entertainment and more.
  • Transactions are encrypted with a unique one-time code that securely protects your payment information.
  • Debit Card Controls allow for some peace of mind if your card is lost or stolen—like a virtual on/off switch accessed through our mobile app.
  • Unlike cash, your debit card can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Avoid late fees by setting up recurring bill payments on your card – set it and forget it.
  • Add the card to your digital wallet to make purchases with services such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®.
  • Shop online with confidence because your card includes Visa’s® Zero Liability1 protection from unauthorized use of your card.

Show Your Personality with Design Mine

Customize your debit card for FREE with your own photo or choose one from our library of images.  Design Mine makes it easy to add some personality to your wallet or purse. 

Activate Your Debit Card

It’s easy to activate your card.  Just follow these simple steps.

  • Activate your card by calling 866-633-5293 from the home, mobile or business phone number associated with the profile record of the individual named on the card.
  • You can verify or update the telephone number through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, by calling or visiting your local branch or by calling the Customer Care Center at 800-990-4828.
  • Please note: If you change the telephone number, it will be updated on the following business day.

When you call you will be asked to:

  • Enter the last 4 digits of the card number
  • Enter the 4-digit expiration date
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN (associated with the name on the card you are activating)
  • New card: Enter new 4-digit PIN
  • Reissued card (same card number): Enter your current PIN or select the option to change your PIN.

Please note: All the information you are prompted to enter to activate your new debit card is associated with your individual profile record which is attached to your debit card and account. You will not be asked to key in any information for other owners on the account since their profile information may differ from yours.

Order a Debit Card

If you need to order a new or replacement contactless debit card, please contact your local branch or call 800-990-4828.

FAQs for Recently Reissued Cards

Contactless cards provide the added convenience of tap-to-pay technology when you see the contactless symbol at the checkout, often including the benefit of not having to interact with or touch a card reader at checkout. With this in mind, Atlantic Union Bank is making a significant investment by issuing contactless debit cards to replace your current debit card to all of our customers.
Your new Atlantic Union Bank Contactless Debit card replaces your existing card. Once activated your old card will automatically close. You may continue to use your current card until the new one arrives or until the date listed in your letter after which time the old card will automatically be deactivated. Therefore, please activate your new Visa Debit Card as soon as possible to avoid transaction interruptions.
If you currently have an Atlantic Union Bank branded personalized debit card that was ordered through our Design Mine image program or a college affinity debit card, you will receive the same image on your new contactless debit card. If you currently have a Union Bank & Trust branded personalized debit card that you created through our former image card program, Make it Mine, you will receive our standard consumer contactless debit card.
In a few cases, it was necessary for us to change card numbers. Please compare your old and new card to identify if a change has been made.
  • All Consumer debit cards (including HSA): If your card number has not changed, your current PIN will remain the same, but you will be given the option to change it during the activation process. If your card number has changed, you will be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN during card activation.
  • Business debit cards only: If your card number has not changed, you can activate your card using your current PIN. If your card number has changed, a new PIN will be mailed to you. You will be able to change your PIN if you prefer at any Atlantic Union Bank ATM. In addition, please contact merchants or other companies that you may have authorized to automatically debit your card, and provide your new card number, expiration date, and CVV security code.
When calling the card activation number, please verify you are following the below steps.
  1. You are calling from a telephone number that we have listed for your name and address under your individual profile record. This is usually a mobile, home, and/or a business phone number. You can verify or update the telephone number we have listed through Online Banking (under address change), Mobile Banking (under settings), or by calling or visiting your local branch or the Customer Care Center at 800-990-4828.
  2. You are entering the last 4-digits of the card number correctly
  3. You are entering the 4-digit expiration date correctly
  4. You are entering the last 4 digits of the SSN associated with the name on the card that you are activating.
Still can’t activate your card?  Please contact your local branch or call 800-990-4828 for assistance in activating your card.
Call the Customer Care Center at 800-990-4828. Once you receive the card, it is very important that you activate your new card immediately by calling the number listed on the activation sticker. During the call, you will have the option to change the PIN if issued for the same card number.


1 Visa’s® Zero Liability policy protects you against fraudulent transactions made on your Atlantic Union Bank debit card by unauthorized users. To be covered, report any fraudulent transactions promptly, and don't share personal or account information with anyone. Refer to the Electronic Funds Transfer section of our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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