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When Your Deposit Will Be Available

Understand when money you deposit is available.

We want you to know when your deposits are available for you to use.

Knowing when different types of deposits are available for you to use may help you better manage your account. Once the funds from your deposits become available, you can withdraw them in cash and we will use them to pay checks you have written and cover other types of payments you made.

Type of Deposit
When Your Funds are Available
  • Cash deposits
  • Electronic direct deposits
Same business day that we receive the deposit

  • Checks drawn on Atlantic Union Bank (on us)
  • Checks not drawn on us
First business day after the day we receive the deposit

Note: In some cases, check deposits may be subject to deposit holds which further delay availability of funds. If we place a deposit hold on your checks deposited, we will notify you at the time you make your deposit. Please refer to our Consumer Deposit Account Agreement for more information.

Deposit Cutoff Times

The chart below includes our daily cutoff times based on how you make your deposit. When you make a deposit before the cutoff time, we consider that day to be the day of your deposit. All times shown are Eastern Time (ET). 

How You Make Your Deposit 
Daily Cutoff Time
Electronic Direct Deposits
9:00 PM
Customer Care Center Teammate (account transfer)
8:00 PM
Mobile Check Deposit
7:00 PM
Transfer from Another Account1
6:00 PM
Wire Transfer
5:00 PM
Remote Deposit Capture
5:00 PM
4:00 PM
P2P Payments, including Zelle®
4:00 PM
(check with your local branch)


1Transfers from your accounts can be made through our automated line at 800-990-4828, Mobile or Text Banking, Online Banking for personal accounts, or Business eBanking for business accounts.

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