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Your answer when opportunity knocks
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It's a way to pay for life’s needs, wants and wishes.

Competitive, fixed interest rates
Quick response to your application
Available in small and large amounts

Money isn’t everything. But it can help us grab opportunities – or cope with emergencies.

Sometimes we’re hit with big house or car repair bills when we’re simply not prepared for them. Sometimes that big-ticket item we covet goes on sale and we're a little short on cash. Atlantic Union Bank offers low-cost personal loans to cover almost any situation. And we pride ourselves on quick loan decisions. Because we know life can come at you fast.

  • Choose from unsecured and secured personal loans at competitive rates
  • 0.25% interest rate discount on new loans with an automatic payment from a Atlantic Union Bank deposit account
  • Get a quick decision on your application so you can get your money when you need it
  • Loans are available in a wide range of dollar amounts and repayment terms
  • Use our Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator to see the benefits of paying a little extra each month to eliminate debt. The Enhanced Loan Calculator lets you compare a variety of loans to find the right fit for your budget and goals.
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