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Client Story: Innovative Solutions

Dynovis can deliver new and innovative solutions to their clients because they get them from their bank.

Dynovis, Inc. has become a go-to resource for the defense industry because they know how to get things done, and they’ll do whatever it takes to find the right solution. That’s why CEO Brad Repp describes them as “a product development company, a manufacturing company, and a sales and distribution company, all wrapped up in a small business.”

Brad also describes the support and advice Dynovis gets from Atlantic Union Bank commercial banker Erik Muller as being instrumental in the growth and diversification of the company.

Erik created a customized solution for Dynovis that integrated business asset financing, a working capital line of credit and real estate financing. Having this solid foundation in place enabled the company to seize growth opportunities with even greater confidence.

“They have the ability – and willingness – to custom-tailor solutions to fit our unique needs,” Repp explains. “That’s just one reason why we’ve been banking with them for over five years now.”

Looking for a business bank that’s finds the best solution…even if it requires creating it from scratch? Give us a call at 800-990-4828.

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