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Client Story: Richmond’s Turnkey and the Power of Giving

Helping nonprofit clients realize the importance of relationship building -- when it comes to their bottom line -- is something Richmond-based company, Turnkey has been doing since 1989. By inspiring their clients to embrace peer-to-peer fundraising, Turnkey has helped nonprofits raise millions and taught them the finer points of organizing fundraisers and mobilizing volunteers to take action.

Nonprofits trust Turnkey and their proven strategies to help them reach their financial goals.  Turnkey trusts Atlantic Union Bank with their banking needs which, given the uniqueness of their consulting operation and nonprofit organizations in general, are quite different than a typical business. “Atlantic Union Bank knows what we do and what our needs are,” says Turnkey CEO Katrina VanHuss. “At one point we needed a credit line increase that would allow us to seek high value businesses.  Atlantic Union Bank came through when another bank probably wouldn’t have. They’ve always treated us with respect.”
That respect is largely due to Atlantic Union Bank’s Business Banker, Cary Ayers, who helps manage Turnkey’s accounts. “My relationship with Cary is closer now than it ever has been,” adds Katrina. “He helped shepherd us through the pandemic and all the related financial matters that went with it. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and honesty.”

Turnkey has been banking with us since 2002, and we’ve been happy to serve them as they help the nonprofit community thrive and prosper.

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