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Adding better business banking to its recipe helped Pale Fire get ahead in the competitive craft brewing market.

Founder Tim Brady’s Pale Fire Brewing Co. has won its share of noble medals in prestigious beer competitions. It was named 2016’s Best Local Craft Brewery in the Shenandoah Valley by Virginia Living. But the folks at Pale Fire were thirsty for more. They wanted to expand their business by adding a bottling line, so they could sell their “liquid art” far and wide.

To reach their full potential, they knew they needed to add a key ingredient to the mix – the right commercial bank. And that was Atlantic Union Bank Commercial Banker Greg Godsey and his team – and their amazing ability to get things done.

  • When Tim and Lead Brewer Ben Trumbo made plans to go to a brewing convention to learn more about an automatic bottling and packing system, Greg made sure they had the right commercial financing in place before they left.
  • Greg knew that having that business loan in place would give Pale Fire the leverage it needed to negotiate a great deal. And that’s just what happened. Tim and Ben were able to find just the right bottling and packaging system, at just the right price.

“This is going to allow us to reach that other 65% of the market” Tim says, "which is going to allow us to grow even more.”

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