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Client Story: Tapping Into Success

While James River Cellars is focused on growing the perfect grapes, our commercial banking team is just as focused on growing their business.

There was a day – not that long ago – that Richmond, Virginia seemed an unlikely location for a winery. That all changed one day in 2001, when the Lazachic-Batterson family opened James River Cellars. Now it proudly stands as RVA’s oldest winery. And this family-owned and operated business doesn’t just win awards for its wines – it’s also one of the area’s go-to venues for weddings and other special events.

Atlantic Union Bank has been there with James River Cellars, right from the start. Before the first grape could be stomped, the Lazachic-Batterson family needed to finance their initial construction. Atlantic Union Bank came through with just the right loan…and when the scope of the project increased halfway through, we made sure the additional financing was quickly taken care of.

Over the past 15 years, owner Mitzi Batterson has turned to Atlantic Union Bank, again and again…for the expert advice and strategic planning that helps keep James River one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

“I love the way the whole Atlantic Union Bank team is just naturally helpful,” Mitzi says. “There’s none of that ‘fake feeling’ you can get from other banks.”

In addition to business expansion and real estate loans, Mitzi also entrusts Atlantic Union Bank with all her personal banking. She loves the way Atlantic Union Bank makes things “simple and straightforward – so I can get back to my day.”

You may not be building a vineyard from the ground up, like James River Cellars did. But, like them, you need to ensure that all the conditions are right to support your growth

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