Linda Knecht

Office Phone: 540-710-8964
Mobile/Direct Phone: 540-850-0232

Linda is most passionate about helping her clients achieve economic success and financial security. She’s an optimist who finds some good in, or a valuable lesson from, nearly any experience.  She’s enthusiastic, energetic, and purposeful about her work and the challenges it offers.  In everything she does, she wants to make a contribution and to give something back.

Since 2014, Linda’s been providing efficient, quality service to small business customers at Atlantic Union.  She’s an excellent listener and a great communicator. She brings an optimistic, positive attitude and a willingness to work through difficult situations. She’s often told that she’s easy to contact, candid, forthright and superb at reviewing requests in order to guide customers to the most efficient way of achieving their desired outcome.

Linda is a member and officer/board member of the Stafford Rotary Club.  Outside of work, you’ll find her with her family, hiking and spending time at the lake.