Account Switch Kit

Changing banks doesn't have to be complicated
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The Switch is On to easier and better banking. We'll guide you through the process.

Easily switch banking services to Atlantic Union Bank
Set up Direct Deposit for faster access to your money
Set up automatic payments

You have a lot of hassles in your life. Doing your banking shouldn’t be one of them.

At Atlantic Union Bank, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, convenient branches along with great online banking and mobile app tools.  Bank on our wide range of financial products, including savings accounts and loans.  It only takes a few minutes to switch your accounts to Atlantic Union Bank.

Take these steps to make the switch

  • Download our Switch Kit
  • Switch deposits and automatic drafts from your old account to your new Atlantic Union Bank account
  • Maintain your old account until all outstanding items have cleared and all deposits and payments are effective with your new account at Atlantic Union Bank
  • Contact us with any questions