Treasury Management

Use powerful solutions to manage your funds.

We streamline your processes for greater efficiency.

Atlantic Union Bank can make life easier with advanced cash management services.

Your treasury services such as Positive Pay, ACH Payments and Wire Transfers should remain unchanged. As part of your relationship with Atlantic Union Bank, you will enjoy our online banking service called Business eBanking, which provides a broad suite of capabilities and functionality designed specifically for businesses.

If you currently use ACH and/or Wire services, your existing token can no longer be used after Monday, May 20. Approvers will need to use Atlantic Union Bank's Business Authenticator mobile app to approve ACH and/or Wire transactions.

  • All ACH and Wire templates set up prior to Friday, April 19 will be transferred to the new Business eBanking platform. You will need to verify that they converted correctly during the Critical Client Verification Period. 
  • All your payees will be converted with the templates.
  • Scheduled and recurring ACH Payments and Wire Transfers will not be transferred. You will need to re-establish them starting Monday, May 20 and validate the funding accounts prior to scheduling.
  • Approvers of ACH and/or Wire transactions need to download the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, and activate it during the Critical Client Verification Period. 

Will I continue to receive a call back for Wires? 
No, we will no longer provide call backs for Wire verification. As an alternative, you will utilize the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator mobile app to approve Wire and/or ACH transactions.

This type of verification process is an industry standard and provides greater security around the payment process. This will significantly increase the speed at which you can process payments as you will no longer need to wait for a call back during business hours. 

It is imperative that you download the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator mobile app prior to Monday, May 20 as it will be required in order to initiate a payment.

Additional information about these services is available on our ACH Payments and Wire Transfers pages.

For accounts converting to Atlantic Union Bank’s Analyzed Business Checking, you will begin receiving a monthly account analysis statement. An analysis statement provides a detailed overview of the services used throughout the month. An earnings credit is applied to the account balance and is used to help offset or eliminate analysis and treasury service fees – the result is reported on the analysis statement. 

Here's key information to know:

  • In addition to receiving an analysis statement, you will continue to receive a deposit account statement. The statement cycle for your deposit account has not changed.
  • Information about how to read your Account Analysis statement is available online.

Our Lockbox Service streamlines your accounts receivable process by turning your incoming receivables into usable cash with maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The Positive Pay elections you have made will be carried forward to the new Business eBanking.

Check Positive Pay decisioning and ACH Positive Pay decisioning will be available starting Tuesday, May 21.

What Positive Pay services will be covered within Atlantic Union Bank Business eBanking?
As part of the new online banking platform, you will have access to a complete array of Positive Pay capabilities, including Traditional Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay and Teller Positive Pay.

Additional information about this service is available on our Positive Pay page.

You can continue using any scanners you now possess, with uninterrupted service. Other information you need to know about Remote Deposit Capture for your business:

  • There will be no change to your desktop Remote Deposit Capture limit.
  • Your Remote Deposit Capture limit is no longer aggregated with Mobile Check Deposit limit. Each application will maintain its limits separately.
  • You will be contacted about updating your Remote Deposit Capture service later this summer.
I am enrolled in the ResubmitIt® service for returned deposited items. Will that continue?
No, it will be discontinued. We automatically resubmit any returned deposited items of $100 or less at no charge to our clients.

I am currently enrolled in Redeposit. Will this service continue?
No. We automatically redeposit any returned deposited items of $100 or less at no charge to you.

I am enrolled in Account Reconciliation. Will this service continue?
Yes, the Account Reconciliation service will continue and will be accessed through Business eBanking. Account Reconciliation report options include Full Account Reconciliation, Deposit Account Reconciliation and Partial Account Reconciliation.

Will the way I process my merchant credit card and debit card transactions change?
No, any updates will be automatically handled for you.


Apr 28

Critical Client Verification Period begins. Please be sure to log in and verify your information.
ACH & Wire customers should download and activate the Atlantic Union Bank Business Authenticator mobile app.

May 15

Critical Client Verification Period ends at 5 p.m. (ET).

May 16

AccessConnect® Online Banking will be available until 5 p.m. (ET).

May 19

Atlantic Union Bank Business eBanking and Business Mobile App will be available at 8 a.m. (ET).

Atlantic Union Bank Customer Care and Treasury Services Support will be available at 8 a.m. (ET).

May 16

2 p.m.
While Access National and Middleburg debit cards are being transitioned, some customers may experience temporary limits to large purchases until Monday, May 20 at 8 a.m. Please plan accordingly.
5 p.m.
Access National and Middleburg branches will close.
Access National and Middleburg Customer Support will close.
AccessConnect® Online Banking will go into view-only mode.
Access National Bill Pay will no longer be available.

May 16

AccessConnect® Online Banking and Telephone Banking will not be available

May 19

8 a.m.
Atlantic Union Bank Online Banking will be available.
Atlantic Union Bank Personal Mobile App will be available.
Customers can access Atlantic Union Bank Telephone Banking and create new PINs.
Atlantic Union Bank Customer Care Center will be available to assist all customers.